About Us

Our team exists to support your emergency needs. If you’re experiencing dental pain, we can help. Our dentists provide great dental care at convenient hours and affordable prices. We offer same-day emergency services at both of our practice locations. If at all possible, we will work to see you on a same-day basis and to get you out of pain and back to functioning.

Some dental emergencies may not cause pain initially. For example, a cracked tooth may not hurt, but it may lead to nerve damage in the roots. For this reason, all of the listed conditions need immediate attention, whether or not pain is present. We are here to help. We urge you to call us at the first sign of a dental emergency!

We know dental emergencies can be extremely painful, and we are here to help. If you’re experiencing serious oral pain, call us directly right now! (855) 263-4605

(855) 263-4605